¿Que podemos esperar de la Nueva Estrategia Logística?

El Ministerio de Fomento acaba de anunciar la puesta en marcha de una Estrategia Logística que marca 18 actuaciones prioritarias entre las que se destacan:

  • El fortalecimiento de la Unidad Logística
  • El desarrollo de una Ley Logística
  • La mejora de la formación del sector
  • La elaboración de un código de buenas prácticas
  • La creación de una ventanilla única
  • La integración de la Logística en el Observatorio del Transporte por Carretera pasando a denominarse Observatorio del Transporte y la Logística.
  • Análisis de las capacidades de carga en el transporte por carretera
  • Coordinación de calendarios de restricciones al transporte de mercancías por carretera
  • La puesta en servicio de Autopistas Ferroviarias
  • La optimización de los modelos de gestión de terminales intermodales
  • Potenciar el uso del ferrocarril
  • El incremento de la competitividad en los puertos
  • La puesta en servicio de nuevas Autopistas del Mar
  • Completar la definición del mapa logístico de España
  • La adaptación de los principales corredores ferroviarios para transporte de mercancías
  • La mejora de los accesos terrestres a los puertos
  • La conexión de forma directa de los puertos con terminales interiores

Estoy seguro que podemos esperar cosas buenas de la puesta en marcha de esta estrategia, en la medida que se anuncia una dotación económica en inversiones de 8.000 millones de euros. No obstante, observo que han olvidado casi por completo el papel de internet y los nuevos modelos de negocio, la modernización tecnológica de las empresas y las acciones para el fomento de la innovación que necesita el sector para convertirse realmente en un sector competitivo. 

¿Que os parece? .

Mas información la podéis encontrar en esta noticia de Diario del Puerto: http://bit.ly/18EsVPz

Anuncio publicitario

…and now we are waiting for WebSummit 2014 (4)

I am afraid next year WebSummit would have to move to another bigger venue. 2013 edition was sold out. I think I have known and met a lot of people there and let me suggest every technological base start-up in Spain and special in Cantabria schedule to go there and participate in the next edition. Please, if your start-up could be interested, don´t hesitate to contact me and maybe we could organize a group of start-ups to participate and give brilliant pitches there to get development capital that every of us need. There will be the most important venture capital companies of the world. It is worth, believe me.

Web Summit investors list Atomico, Accel Partners, Goldman Sachs, 500 Startups, Andreesen Horowitz, Google Ventures


Now, Let me to finish the last portion about my speech in WebSummit 2013

Diapositiva9 Diapositiva10

Empathy is based in understanding the action, intentions and feelings of the others putting ourself in their minds.

Serendipity is the faculty of finding right things we did not know we were looking for.

Diapositiva11 Diapositiva12

…but discovery and encounters don´t be so casual, because we are creating continuously an empathic and energetic field that increases our ability to attract people and resources that we didn´t know before.

We build this Index shaking and doing mashup to five components related with open innovation, collaboration, co-working and virtual relational capital.

Diapositiva13 Diapositiva14

Let me to talk about new one that we call Serempathy 5 Index. We calculate it to each country and region with three parameters: The number of Facebook users, the use of Twitter and the number of searches about several selected keywords in Google Trends.

Then we have created a mathematical formula where we can forecast better than before the innovation and smart growth of countries and regions using the Serempathy in the forecasting.

Diapositiva15 Diapositiva16

You can see this output to EU-15, but we have similar results for rest of the world and it fits properly to regions in Europe. Next step we want to extend it to States, Asia, and Latin-american regions.

In conclusion, please try Serempatic behaviours using our mirror neurons and searching challenges with our heart to be more innovative and smart.

That is all by the moment, but also I want to give special acknowledgment to my colleagues and friends working with me about Serempathy: Miguel Angel Pesquera, Pablo Coto, Margarita Alonso,  Pedro Casares, Alfonso Badiola, Manuel Agüeros, Juanjo Cacho and of course Juan Carlos Cubeiro, because he was one important spark ( in an informal meeting with Miguel Angel) to start to talk about this new concept, SEREMPATHY.





WebSummit, Going global and Hailo experience (3)

Landing on Bilbao, let me to remark an exceptional chat about Going Global, between Niklas Zennström ( founder of Skype), Jay Bregman (founder of Hailo) and Niklas Adalberth (co-founder of Klarna).

All chat was very interesting but take special attention to Hailo. Ths is an fabulous app growing very fast to facilitate get a taxi in Dublin. I have used and really run perfectly. Great APP and jay Bregman, his CEO-Founder, has raised more than 30.000.000 € from venture capital companies as Accel Partners and Union Square Ventures.

jay bregman websummit 


Also I am leaving, below, another portion of my speech at WebSummit


And in a so complex society every time appear a network to explain and setup this complex world. We need tools and platforms to manage so big and complex networks that appear in this world of crisis and uncertainty. Let me to propose a new solution: SEREMPATHY

This is a new concept that mixed Serendipity and Empathy.

It means to discover unexpected innovations by sharing knowledge in open networks.



(to be continue)

Dropbox Founder Drew Houston at WebSummit Dublin (2)

I am at Airport ready to leave Dublin and come back home. First of all, I want to grateful my Irish family and their friends. They made me feel at home. Big hugs to Denise, Noel, Aisling, Chris, Olive, Val, Martin, Cher, David, Dirdra, Irine, Sean and their kids. I felt very much I didn´t meet with Michael, Carrol and the rest of family and friends. Thanks  lot and big hugs for everybody. Special thanks to Alan 😉

Furthermore, WebSummit was worth and here I am leaving another portion about my speech and an interview with the founder of Dropbox, Drew Houston, a 30 years old guy !!. This was one of my favorite speeches at WebSummit.

drew houston dropbox websummit

below the next chapter of my speech:

SEREMPATHY INDEX: A new innovative approach to measure the develop of INNOVATION & SMART SPECIALIZATION in European Regions ( Second part and to be continue)

Knowledge with the support of Social Networks has became to be a new Virtual Relational Capital that setup the keys to the progress of countries, regions and cities, achieving a balance between a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and allowing new ecosystems of smart innovation.


To be continue

My favorite speeches at WebSummit Dublin 2013 (1)

I have got very funny and learning experiences at Web Summit, and I am afraid that I have not be able to find a recorded version of one of the most important for me: My speech at People Stage on Thursday, but I will try to leave in my blog, by portions, some of my slides that I did with Miguel Angel support.


The globalization has transformed the order of knowledge and innovation in an incredibly short period of time producing changes at high speed that bring with them new challenges and opportunities.

Furthermore, each day is more difficult to planning a solid strategy, because one of the properties of our new society is the emergence of complex and unexpected scenarios.
If we talk about First World and despite we live in a Period of Crisis, we follow living in an Abundance Society where we need to shape new attending strategies but…

…Really Everybody has a democratic issue in common, The Pope, Obama, Elon Musk, you and me only we have 24 hours per day, then we don’t enough time to know and test all experiences. Attract, attention, attachment and engage are key issues to get by the market.

End of first portion. To be continue

Also I will try to leave here the most interesting speeches I have listened. First of all: David Coallier @davidcoallier from http://www.engineyard.com talking about “Data Science… What Even?!” It was at Developer Stage and really I recommend it.

Please, watch at Livestream:

davidcollier websummit