My favorite speeches at WebSummit Dublin 2013 (1)

I have got very funny and learning experiences at Web Summit, and I am afraid that I have not be able to find a recorded version of one of the most important for me: My speech at People Stage on Thursday, but I will try to leave in my blog, by portions, some of my slides that I did with Miguel Angel support.


The globalization has transformed the order of knowledge and innovation in an incredibly short period of time producing changes at high speed that bring with them new challenges and opportunities.

Furthermore, each day is more difficult to planning a solid strategy, because one of the properties of our new society is the emergence of complex and unexpected scenarios.
If we talk about First World and despite we live in a Period of Crisis, we follow living in an Abundance Society where we need to shape new attending strategies but…

…Really Everybody has a democratic issue in common, The Pope, Obama, Elon Musk, you and me only we have 24 hours per day, then we don’t enough time to know and test all experiences. Attract, attention, attachment and engage are key issues to get by the market.

End of first portion. To be continue

Also I will try to leave here the most interesting speeches I have listened. First of all: David Coallier @davidcoallier from talking about “Data Science… What Even?!” It was at Developer Stage and really I recommend it.

Please, watch at Livestream:

davidcollier websummit



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