Dropbox Founder Drew Houston at WebSummit Dublin (2)

I am at Airport ready to leave Dublin and come back home. First of all, I want to grateful my Irish family and their friends. They made me feel at home. Big hugs to Denise, Noel, Aisling, Chris, Olive, Val, Martin, Cher, David, Dirdra, Irine, Sean and their kids. I felt very much I didn´t meet with Michael, Carrol and the rest of family and friends. Thanks  lot and big hugs for everybody. Special thanks to Alan 😉

Furthermore, WebSummit was worth and here I am leaving another portion about my speech and an interview with the founder of Dropbox, Drew Houston, a 30 years old guy !!. This was one of my favorite speeches at WebSummit.

drew houston dropbox websummit

below the next chapter of my speech:

SEREMPATHY INDEX: A new innovative approach to measure the develop of INNOVATION & SMART SPECIALIZATION in European Regions ( Second part and to be continue)

Knowledge with the support of Social Networks has became to be a new Virtual Relational Capital that setup the keys to the progress of countries, regions and cities, achieving a balance between a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and allowing new ecosystems of smart innovation.


To be continue


Acerca de Pablo De Castro
Innovative Entrepreneur and Researcher. CEO-Founder CONCEPTUAL Knowledge Logistics and Technology S.L. (www.conceptualklt.es) and Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems in University of Cantabria


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