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Pablo María de Castro García

CEO-Founder of CONCEPTUAL KLT, a start-up company created by teachers and researchers from University of Cantabria, where he works also as Phd. Associate Lecturer in the Business Management Department and researcher into the Intelligent Transport System R&D Group. Also, he is collaborating as teacher and advisor to School of Industrial Organisation ( EOI).

As an avid entrepreneur he also has founded recently LIFE FOR TYRES S.L. ( a circular economy company specialized in produce secondary raw materials from End of Life Tyres) and others «green companies» as FOTOVOLTAICA IBERICA S.L. and CLEAN TECH LAB S.L.

Phd by University of Cantabria in Business Administration, Graduated in Physics Science and Master in Information Technology and Business by University of Cantabria, also he got an MBA certificate by the European Business School.

He develops his R&D curricula as researcher on technologies and innovation in the ICT area participating in several R&D projects from UE Framework Programs.

His firm CONCEPTUAL is specialized in supporting new business strategies based in  the application of innovative technologies as Internet of Things, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to improve the efficiency on firms and institutions. They also are developing consulting about VUCA Strategies to Universities, Private Companies and Governments.

He has been working as a Smart-city Consultant to NEC Corporation where  he has been directly involved to develop NEC Smartcities Business in Europe with products as Cloud City Operation Center, Smart Transport, Smart Waste, Smart Water and Smart Lighting.

He has worked as a main consultant to the International University Menéndez Pelayo, where he has in charged the Knowledge Social Network of the UIMP, the UIMP 2.0. Also he has been technically leading the first Massive Open Online Course to Digital Entrepreneurship, a initiative supported by UNED, UNIVERSIA, Santander Bank and the Spanish Council of Universities (CRUE).

Professionally he has developed the following offices:

  • CEO and R&D Director of CONCEPTUAL KLT S.L.( from 2007 to now)
  • Founder and Board Secretary of LIFE FOR TYRES S.L. ( from 2018 to now
  • Founder/CEO FOTOVOLTAICA IBERICA S.L.(from 2019 to now)
  • Founder/CEO CLEAN TECH LAB S.L. (from 2019 to now)
  • Founder HELICIOUS ( 2016-2020)
  • General Director of Developing and Innovation of the Government of Cantabria (2004-2007).
  • Telecom Business Unit Director at MONDRAGON SISTEMAS DE INFORMACION S.Coop. from 2002 to 2004
  • Co-Founder and Director at ENYCA Ingeniería y Comunicaciones S.A. (Mondragón Cooperative Corporation Group) from 1988 to 2002.

He has participated in more than twenty Spanish and Transport R&D projects directly related with Information and Communication Technologies in which he has cooperated as a leading investigator or administrative manager under programs like STAR, FEDER, ARCO, PEIN II, PEIN III, EUREKA, IMPACT, TELEMATICS,  TRANSPORT, TEN-TELECOM, ACTS in IV, V, VI and VII UE R&D Framework Program.

He has taken part of governing boards meetings and has cooperated in the publications of foundations like “Knowledge and Development, CYD” and COTEC. He is the director of the Smart University 4.0 Congress that going on every summer in the UIMP.

He has wrote several papers, books, reports and articles about Smart Technologies, Science and Technology management, Innovation, Economic Development and learning Methodologies.

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