WebSummit, Going global and Hailo experience (3)

Landing on Bilbao, let me to remark an exceptional chat about Going Global, between Niklas Zennström ( founder of Skype), Jay Bregman (founder of Hailo) and Niklas Adalberth (co-founder of Klarna).

All chat was very interesting but take special attention to Hailo. Ths is an fabulous app growing very fast to facilitate get a taxi in Dublin. I have used and really run perfectly. Great APP and jay Bregman, his CEO-Founder, has raised more than 30.000.000 € from venture capital companies as Accel Partners and Union Square Ventures.

jay bregman websummit 


Also I am leaving, below, another portion of my speech at WebSummit


And in a so complex society every time appear a network to explain and setup this complex world. We need tools and platforms to manage so big and complex networks that appear in this world of crisis and uncertainty. Let me to propose a new solution: SEREMPATHY

This is a new concept that mixed Serendipity and Empathy.

It means to discover unexpected innovations by sharing knowledge in open networks.



(to be continue)

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